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1 All about me.


Figure 1: Me in New Jersey in 1952.

The picture is me in 1952 in Camden, New Jersey. My dad took this picture, developed the film and printed a bunch of copies of this picture, as well as enlarging a few. He printed many more, someday I may make them public. I am a geek or nerd, depending on how you want to define those words. I have always had an outstanding mechanical aptitude and understanding. I built a crystal radio while I was in Cub Scouts. My dad was always encouraging us to learn to work with our hands. He taught us to cut, sand, paint and stain wood. We all learned to solder and stuff electronic components into circuit boards. I wirewrapped cards using both an electric wirewrap tool as well as a manual tool. He showed us how to read resistor codes and electronic schematics. If we had an interest in something my father and mother would help us learn more about it. I learned to use a sliderule to learn to multiply and divide. Which really upset my elementary school teachers and my classmates because I could come up with the correct answer quickly. My teachers always wanted to see the work steps and not just the answer. So when one bugged me I would stand up by the teacher's desk and demonstrate how I got the answer. After a while they quit bugging me about it.

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